Training & Workshops


Basic SEQTA training

Level 1 training provides new users with the knowledge they need to get started in SEQTA. Learn more.


Advanced SEQTA training

Once you know the basics, Level 2 training provides a deeper understanding of the software. Learn more.


SEQTA workshops

Level 3 workshops focus on strengthening teachers’ professional practice. Learn more.

Microsoft short courses

Teacher-focussed Microsoft Office short courses that you’ll use on a day-to-day basis. Learn more.

Professional Development Packages for the SEQTA Suite

SPS has structured three Professional Development packages to support schools to achieve their professional development goals at an affordable price. Supercharge your school’s SEQTA Suite utilisation!

Benefits for Teachers

  • provide official international recognition as a certified user of the SEQTA suite
  • equip teachers with advanced knowledge and skills of the SEQTA suite
  • improve competency and efficiency through all aspects of the SEQTA Suite and save time to fulfil other important tasks
  • enhance virtual teaching and learning capabilities in the classroom
  • enable virtual classroom delivery of teaching content
  • enhance teacher collaboration and communication
  • represent professional development via the SEQTA certification pathway

Benefits for Schools

  • maximise the use of the SEQTA suite in the school
  • develop a significant depth of SEQTA suite knowledge and skill in the school
  • improve productivity
  • empower a team of in-school experts to deliver professional development to colleagues
  • facilitate sharing of teaching programs and resources
  • build capacity and future-proof retention of expertise; and
  • foster teachers’ participation and collaboration in a growing community of expert SEQTA users who fulfil a variety of roles within schools
  • measure the return on professional development investment; address a range of AITSL standards