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How positive workplace culture can help your school thrive

Workplace culture is important. So important, in fact, that failure to deliver a ‘positive’ workplace culture can result in staff attrition, and reduced job performance. But fostering a positive culture doesn’t just ‘happen’ – it takes hard work. It takes investment. It takes vision. Most of all, it takes courage – for a school’s leaders to acknowledge that their school might not be operating where they want it to be, and to take the steps to begin change.

And that’s where we can help.

Through our experienced people and culture consultant, Kylie de Klerk, SPS can help schools in their journey to understand and improve their school culture and climate. This includes providing targeted high-level PD, seminars, online courses, strategic consulting right through to coaching small teams or individuals. For schools who aren’t quite sure where to start the process (or just wanting an objective culture ‘check-in’) we can also provide a half day culture audit.

The half-day culture audit includes:

Organisational Climate Performance

A one-hour consultation with your school’s principal and leadership team, to highlight any pain areas

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A one-hour exploration session with up to two key departments whose voices you’d like to hear

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An managed survey to gauge your team’s perceptions of the school’s workplace culture

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A short written report detailing the status of your school’s culture, including key recommendations

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Benefits for your entire team – from individual to whole school-level

Working towards improving your school’s culture and climate can have enormous positive impact, both on an individual level, as well as for the whole-school functioning:


  • Develop authentic working relationships
  • Enhance communication and understanding skills
  • Accelerate leadership skills
  • Improve social and emotional awareness

Whole school-level

  • Improve school-wide performance
  • Address your school’s unique culture cycle
  • Identify and build struggling departments or individuals
  • Understand and build leadership at all levels

Ready to learn more about your school’s workplace culture?

Want to know more about how your school’s culture is affecting your staff and students? Just leave your details in the form below, and we’ll get in contact with you.

About Kylie

Kylie de Klerk has spent many years working with organisations in the areas of people, culture and engagement. She specialises in working to create cultures of kindness, which in turn results in high-performance organisations. Kylie believes everyone should be able to enjoy coming to work, and knows how to help schools to make it happen.