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Business services for schools

Boost your brand image and get your marketing on track with our unique education-specific business offerings. Whether you’re interested in high-level strategic consultation, getting into the nitty-gritty of building high-performing teaching environments, hands-on marketing & design assistance, videography that tells the story of your school community, or even facility hire for training or meetings – our team is here to assist.

Business services for schools

Security and privacy

School data security and privacy consulting

Data should be close to the top of the list when thinking about the most important assets that schools possess. Just consider the huge amounts of sensitive information – concerning students, staff, parents and suppliers – that schools hold. It’s vitally important to protect this data from loss, theft and unauthorised disclosure, as failure to do so may result in huge penalties – including notifiable data breaches, reputational damage and in severe cases, regulatory fines.

Information security should be a whole-of-school responsibility, yet it often falls upon an IT department alone to implement the necessary processes and controls to safeguard data. We can help get your whole school on track with data security and answer the questions:

  • Which laws apply to us and what do they say?
  • Where are schools most vulnerable?
  • How can we structure our efforts?
  • Where do we start?

Speak to our international privacy and security expert Daryll Holland, today.

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People performance and culture consulting

Kylie de Klerk is an international expert in social and emotional mastery, troubleshooting work relationships and environments, and helping teams and organisations to work well together and sustain peak-level performance. With a focus on assisting organisations to create cultures of kindness, and breaking through toxic behaviour and relationships, Kylie’s work with schools does wonders to create environments that foster working well both for staff and students. Providing consulting, and leadership coaching, as well as seminars, workshops or courses there is something here for every school to take their education environment to the next level.

  • ‘Team building’ done right, with lasting results
  • High-level consulting with extensive experience
  • Partnering with schools on a journey of growth
  • Individual professional development

Let us work with you to tackle the big stuff, with understanding, compassion and proven effectiveness.

Want to hear a little bit about what we think?

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Graphic design and printing

Graphic design and printing services

Does your school’s branding need refreshing or re-branding? We can help. Our professional graphic designers are unmatched when it comes to creating fresh, school-specific brand collateral including logos, stationary templates, certificates, promotional materials are more. Many designers are great at making graphics, but few have experience in developing and applying these to the education landscape like we do.

  • Be in control of your school’s story
  • Expert design with a school focus
  • Applicable to a wide variety of materials
  • Quality printing options
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Training room hire

Training room hire

Need a venue for meetings and PD sessions to avoid interruptions? Our training room is a peaceful off-site option. With modern furnishings, state-of-the-art technology, natural lighting, our facility provides a wonderful environment for educators or corporates to work and collaborate in.

What’s included?

  • Projector (VGA or HDMI input)
  • Power points on each desk
  • Guest WiFi
  • Extensive white-boards
  • Water and lolly bowls provided
  • Attended dedicated reception
  • Seats up to 16

Get away from the distractions and ensure that time set aside for training or meetings is focussed on that outcome.

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Technical services

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