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It’s fair to say that education shares a natural affinity for data. Whether it be overseeing class distributions, ranking marks books, or running pastoral care reports – schools naturally rely on data to measure, interpret and proactively manage the myriad aspects that contribute to student outcomes.

With digital student/school and learning management systems comes an enormous data trail, that allows schools unparalleled insight into each student’s educational journey – provided we know how to ask the right questions of the data.


Effective and efficient insights to turbo-charge impact

Developing dashboards and reports utilising school data can make a huge difference to school staff looking to understand where each child is at, quickly. Using data representations effectively and efficiently can provide deeper insight into your students in a fraction of the time, turbo-charging the opportunity for positive impact for each student’s education.

Learning analytics: custom development with SPS

Here at SPS, we thrive on enriching education, and supporting schools in their journey to provide the best possible education for the students in their care. One way we do this is to take the technical load of structuring and developing reports and dashboards for learning analytics.


Jeremy Hetebry, Educational Reporting and Analytics consultant

The combination of Jeremy’s 25 years’ experience in education, his background in (and inexplicable passion for) mathematics, and the new generation software tools in analytics enables Jeremy to provide a world-class engagement to schools interested in learning analytics.

What does our service include?

Experts with education backgrounds

We truly understand schools. After all, it’s what where we’re from and what we do – day in, day out. If you’re after a team that genuinely understands your world, then look no further

Initial consultation

We take the time to understand where your school is at, and what questions you really want answered. Includes expert-led session with key stakeholders

Scoping & requirement docs

We document your proposed project, so you can be satisfied that we understand what you’re want and know how we’re going to achieve it

Personalised handover

We can provide as much (or little) handover detail as you want. So whether you’re after a quick fix, or a full run-down – we’ve got you covered

Future support

We’re here for the long haul so if you have questions, run into issues, or want to go over something again – we’ll be happy to help

Who should be involved?

School leaders who have questions, school IT staff if technical handover is preferred by the school

SPS is SEQTA Software’s partner provider for custom development for SEQTA Analyse. We can provide custom development for data domains, as well as creating dashboards, ad hoc views, or reports that can be published through to SEQTA Teach for seamless utilisation of learning analytics in the teaching environment.

“If a school is looking to understand, present, and analyse the wealth of data that they have collected on their students to improve learning outcomes, then I would highly recommend engaging with SPS and Jeremy Hetebry.”

Doug de Kock, Director of Library, Innovation and Learning Technologies

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