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Learn how to harness ‘big data’

With all of the digital systems used by schools today, we leave a really big data footprint. Application of ‘big data’ strategies is increasing in organisations all of the world, and schools are part of this trend toward harnessing data trails.

The question for us really comes down to how to utilise this ‘big data’ in a way that really positively impacts education. It’s not enough to simply ‘have’ the data – you have to know how to use it.

In fact, there are questions around the moral (there’s a scary word) implications of ‘having’ the data (like nearly all schools with a digital LMS) and not using it. If we could have used the data to see where an intervention could have been made for a real positive impact on a student’s education success, but we didn’t… where does that leave us?


“Know thy impact” and make a real difference

John Hattie implores teachers to look deeper to understand how their teaching is actually affecting their students’ learning. It’s not always enough to make guesstimates, or go with your gut instinct (although there is definitely a time and place for these professional intuitions – let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater). To make effective change and improvement we need to understand the current situation, and be able measure the change. That’s where learning analytics comes in.


Learning analytics – ‘big data’ for schools

Learning analytics is a world of data, with the emphasis on ‘how to help the kids’. It’s not actually about the data, it’s about the questions, and learning how to ask them. Learning how to ask the right questions of data is a skill in and of itself. One that can be learned and shared.

Would you like to learn how to ask the right questions? Would you like someone to share the load of this important task? We’re here to help.


Jeremy Hetebry, Educational Reporting and Analytics consultant

“The data analytics and visualisation journey is one all schools need to consider. Whether it be academic or pastoral there is an enormous amount of data (and therefore information) housed with SIS and other databases. Accessing and exploring this data to realise new information will be critical. Most schools will need access to the system to provide the data and reports, and the expertise of a consultant to at least begin them on the journey.”

Dr Nick Spadaccini, ILT Curriculum Integration Manager

About Jeremy

Jeremy Hetebry, SPS’s principal educational reporting and analytics consultant, has over 25 years’ experience in education and varying levels of school leadership, as well as a background in pure mathematics. He is passionate about helping schools to understand and make the most of the tools that are already available to them, to amplify the good work being done by teachers all over Australia.

Jeremy consults with schools in various contexts – some who just want to understand how learning analytics hangs together, some who want to go on a journey of assessing the story that their data tells, and some who just want to validate and phrase a particular question that they already have simmering away.



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