About us

Our story

SPS grew out of SEQTA Software’s desire to serve education. Following SEQTA’s mantra of ‘better education, better world’, there was a desire to branch out beyond software, and use the skills, backgrounds and expertise in our networks to provide premium services to educators. SPS remains a part of SEQTA.

Initially focussing on consolidating and systematising training and certification for the SEQTA Suite, SPS has more recently diversified offerings to bring the world of consultation and broader support services to schools.

Our passion is enriching and nurturing education and educators. We operate in a time of great change in education, and desire to provide first-class service to schools in any area that supports them in becoming their very best school – for their teachers, their students and the world.

Ariel van Oudtshoorn

Consulting and Services

Ariel has a long history with the SEQTA family, she played a major role in building the SEQTA Client Services department, and laying the groundwork for SPS’ SEQTA Suite training and certification.

Ariel is now relishing working in SPS’ Consulting and Services space, diversifying SPS’s offerings to meet the needs of schools in the 21st century.

Ariel enjoys using her academic background as a historian to research educational phenomena, as well as parenting, music, food, gardening, knitting, language, and most forms of pedantry.


Beverley Britz

SPS Operations Manager

Beverley started SPS in 2015. Life before SPS involved managing her own events, training and consultancy company for 12 years.  Prior to starting her own company, she gained significant working experience in the Banking and Mobile telecommunications industry.  Her focus has remained on creating strategic partnerships that would allow for the design, development and delivery of additional innovative products and services.

Beverley program managed the 1st Mobile banking project and managed the projects for Mobile TV, Location based Services and was part of the team that launched Mobile phone recharges using ATMs and mobile apps, Mobile content aggregation and Mobile Number portability. She designed a system for Mobile Messaging, Voting and Content Management, which is currently being used by schools, retailers and integrated into booking systems.

In her spare time she enjoys running, reading, music, family and friends and engaging in voluntary work.

Heather Simkiss

SPS Administrator

Heather joined our team in January 2016. She has over 25 years administration experience in various industries, ranging from banking and financial services through to church and educational service organisations.

She played an important role in establishing efficient processes and procedures to support the staff and training and services to the schools. She has significant office management and executive assistant experience.

Heather loves the challenge of learning new crafts and spends time reading and caring for her family.

Jeremy Hetebry

Educational Reporting and Analytics Specialist

Jeremy joined SEQTA with more than 25-years’ experience across a variety of school roles. Jeremy’s extensive experience, combined with a broad spectrum of professional passions – including education, professional learning and learning analytics – making him the perfect person to help schools get maximum value from SEQTA’s powerful analytics software.

Jeremy is a SEQTA Certified trainer and you may occasionally find him delivering the SEQTA advanced training workshops or webinars.

When he’s away from the office, Jeremy is a sports buff, a long-suffering Freo Dockers fan, and a proud family man who loves holidays and food.

Michelle Mathews

Senior Trainer

Michelle joined SEQTA Professional Services as a Senior Trainer with over 25 years experience in the education and training sectors both in Australia and overseas. Michelle has brought to SPS experience in current training trends, curriculum development and training certification across international markets.

Michelle is a Microsoft Certified trainer and was awarded the “SEQTA Master Certification” in July 2016 and recertification in 2019.

In her spare time Michelle likes reading and walking, along with operating ‘Mum’s Taxi Service’.

Kim Edwards

Senior Educational Consultant

Kim Edwards works as an Education Consultant for SPS providing professional development for teachers and school leaders. Prior to her joining SEQTA in 2016, she was Deputy Principal and MYP Co-ordinator at Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) in Perth for 11 years leading key changes at the school.

Kim is a very experienced International Baccalaureate Workshop Leader, IBEN Lead Educator, School Visit Team Leader, Consultant and Field Representative, traveling widely across the Asia Pacific region working with schools and teachers. Kim is also a Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction trainer completing her accreditation with Professor Lynne Erickson in 2012. Kim led the Visible Learning on-going feedback initiative at her school which was featured in the book by Professor John Hattie, titled ‘Visible Learning into Action – International Case Studies’.

Sharon Grosser

Coach and Co-founder of SEQTA

Sharon’s lifelong passion for education and educators led her from a career as a secondary English teacher, to co-founding SEQTA and a number of years in various operational roles. Since the heady days of day-to-day SEQTA operations, Sharon has accrued a vast skillset in mentoring, advocacy and professional coaching, including a Grad Dip in Coaching.


Sharon has a particular interest in supporting beginning and returning teachers, with a focus on personal wellbeing in the workplace.

Angelo Di Carlo

Marketing and Videography Consultant

Angelo loves telling stories and has, in adult life, turned this passion to working with organisations to understand their story and then share it with the world to create an authentic yet structured public narrative. This includes providing consulting and planning around marketing right through to videography and creating video material for communication and advertising.


Angelo’s work with schools has provided fresh insight into how school’s operate in the 21st century, as well as an opportunity to share a passion for natty dressing.


Kylie de Klerk

Culture and People Consultant

Kylie is an international expert in social, emotional and cultural mastery. She comes to SPS with many years’ experience in getting staff working well together – sustaining peak-level performance in healthy working environments. Kylie has a passion for educators, and wants to bring her expertise and charisma to schools to support teachers and school leadership staff.


When Kylie is not busy influencing emotional, social and cultural intelligence, she can often be found studying, reading, or enjoying family life.