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Christian Schools Tasmania

Our SEQTA journey only started recently. For us to realistically achieve a fairly rapid rollout we really needed a resource that went beyond what our School Relationship Manager could provide (although our SRM is excellent). Fortunately SEQTA professional services was launched around the same time. At first we were a little sceptical of paying for additional training, however we have found the benefits to far outweigh the costs. We have…

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…engaged SEQTA Professional services on a number of occasions to train our leadership, our middle management, our existing teachers and our new teachers. We have really appreciated the quality of the presentation all of the SEQTA P.S. trainers have provided. They have always gone above and beyond the course content and really tailored the programme to suite us. We are definitely planning on engaging Professional Services again in the future.

– Owen Wilson, IT Manager

Guildford Grammar School

After being involved in the continued implementation and evolution of the use of SEQTA (Teach, Learn, Engage and Tutor) at Guildford Grammar School over the last five years, I made the decision to take the ‘red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes’. I have always felt that there was far more to SEQTA than we were utilising and SEQTA Professional Services (SPS) gave me the avenue to explore each component in greater depth and detail…

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…I have always been impressed with SEQTA’s willingness to adapt to the needs of the education community and the drive for technology to enable teachers use their time more effectively. I found the SPS modules to be very rewarding but also intellectually challenging. The workshop and presentation model works really well with highly knowledgeable presenters and an obvious willingness to answer any obscure questions by consulting with School Relationship Managers (SRM) or technical specialists. At this stage I have completed and certified in three modules, with plans to complete other modules by the end of the year. Each module has given me a far better understanding of how SEQTA can be utilized at Guildford Grammar School and I am looking forward to completing the remaining modules as soon as time permits. Although many SEQTA users would take the ‘training only option’, I would recommend that you seriously consider certification after completion of the unit. Not only will this benefit you (as a user) and your school, but certification would also be invaluable on your resume.

– Rod Manson, Head of e-Learning

Rehoboth Christian College

Our team found the Leading SEQTA workshop invaluable in helping us to understand the difference between roll out and implementation, and to develop these strategies further. Often you come out of a workshop with a handful of vague concepts that you then have to figure out how to apply to your own situation. With this workshop, we felt…

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…that we came out with a much clearer sense of direction than when we went in and were able toimprove our plans immediately. Kim’s no-nonsense presentations challenged our thinking around questions of assessment, pastoral care, engaging with our parent community, the role of technology in regards to learning, and gave us an understanding of how a comprehensive platform like SEQTA is able to influence our school’s culture. Kim modelled what she believes about teaching and learning throughout the workshop, taking the time to listen to our needs and concerns and respond with personalised advice. A wealth of background material was provided and Kim was also able to arrange further points of contact for our team to investigate. We thought we had done our homework on what an effective and efficient roll out would look like, but we learnt so much more and would recommend this workshop to any school about to embark on the SEQTA journey.

– Mark Steyn, Chief Executive Officer

Mandurah Catholic College

Three and a half years ago I was fortunate to have been assigned the task of managing the implementation and enhancement of SEQTA at Mandurah Catholic College. With the introduction this year of the Advanced Training Modules and Certification I embraced the opportunity to enhance and increase my knowledge of this wonderful product…

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…My training in your new SPS building was an extremely gratifying and rewarding experience. The training staff were excellent in guiding me through my requirements and the training was presented in a relaxed, calm and professional manner. I look forward to attending further training and to attain my certification in each module. I believe becoming a Certified Seqta employee is an asset to the College and will bring invaluable knowledge into my role as Learning Management System Administrator.

Deb Boulton, IT Administrator

Highview College

2017 saw Highview College moved into the unchartered territory of continuous reporting, with new expectations for teachers engaging with SEQTA and providing feedback to students. To facilitate this we brought Kim Edwards from SEQTA Professional Services to deliver the Providing Quality Feedback workshop, and we could not be more pleased with how the workshop went…

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…The workshop was excellently put together, starting from weeks out with regular email contact with Kim as she ensured she covered everything we wanted from the workshop, tailor-made to our own situation. The workshop drew on research from the likes of John Hattie and incorporated Kim’s own tremendous experience of being a teacher, leader, and parent at a successful SEQTA school. It encouraged all our staff to really think about the feedback they provide and how the feedback is perceived by students. Kim challenged our staff to think about why we give feedback, such an important exercise as we open our classrooms and feedback to parents in ways we have never done before.

 Kim’s professional and easy-going manner as the workshop facilitator engaged even our most reticent staff. By breaking the large group (45 teaching staff) into smaller department-based groups, Kim ensured that the discussion that occurred during the day allowed each department to focus on what was right for them. So successful were her efforts that, by the end of the day, two departments had essentially confirmed how they were going to provide timely and simple feedback to students and parents. At no stage did Kim demand we provide feedback in one way; she simply encouraged us to look at our feedback habits more closely, and how we can develop them to help improve student outcomes.

 I would highly recommend the Providing Quality Feedback workshop to schools interested in resetting and refocusing the way they look at feedback. The buzz from staff after the workshop told me they got plenty out of it, with several passing on that it was a valuable exercise to have at the start of the year, and many teachers – from those with 30+ years’ experience down to new graduates – saying that it made them consider feedback in ways they hadn’t before.

Cory Skilton, Head of eLearning and SEQTA

Kingsway Christian College

The SEQTA advanced certification pathway has completely transformed my experience of the software. I have used the system for nine years in my capacity as a DP and still didn’t have a holistic understanding of the software’s capacity for integration, the ease of customisation and streamlining. This meant that I was unable to assist and lead staff in the context of our College…

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…in their development. After completing the training I understand the various components and their integration, allowing me to easily assist and lead staff in the right direction. Skill and understanding definitely precedes vision and I strongly recommend that every school should invest in getting their SEC fully qualified and certified.

Johann Schoeman, Deputy Principal

Channel Christian School

On the 1 day Primarily Speaking workshop:

This was the most useful SEQTA training I have ever been to by a long way! There are many, many primary teachers in my association that would benefit from this workshop so please work on running it again…

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Thanks for taking me from a point of despondent bewilderment to a point at which I can confidently navigate SEQTA, problem solve for myself and have ideas for how to use it’s capabilities in  Primary setting”.

Jessica Vandervelde, Year 1/2 Teacher and Leader in Teaching and Learning

Aquinas College

The SEQTA advanced certification pathway has been highly beneficial in my experience in the utilisation of the software. I have used the system for years to support the staff and teachers at Aquinas and feel confident in knowing about all the features that are available in SEQTA Teach, SEQTA Engage, SEQTA LearnSEQTA Kiosk and Tutor

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…It is especially necessary to ensure the streamlining of processes within the school. Completion of the training has allowed me to easily assist and lead staff in the right direction. I strongly recommend that every school should invest in getting a fully qualified and certified staff member.

Linda Rich, Administration Assistant Information Services