Become certified

On completion of a Level 2 (Advanced) training course, participants have the option to complete an online assessment. Each assessment forms part of the SEQTA Certification pathway and provides standardised international recognition of a user’s knowledge of the SEQTA Suite. On completion of all advanced SEQTA training and certification, users can be formally recognised as Master Certified SEQTA experts.

Benefits of certification

Expert recognition

Validate your mastery of SEQTA

Competency & efficiency

Holistically enhance your teaching and school management skills

Practical knowledge

Ensure your school is utilising SEQTA to it’s fullest extent

Future-proof expertise

Improve your school’s internal knowledge stocks

Certification FAQ

The basics

Assessments are based on training modules offered by SPS. Test candidates must achieve a pass rate of 85%. Assessments aim to test broad (non-school specific) and deep knowledge of the SEQTA Suite. Generally, candidates attend the training module prior to sitting the assessment.

What is certification?

SPS offers assessments correlating to each available training module, enabling users to achieve standardised international recognition of their knowledge of the SEQTA Suite. The benefits of certification for individual teachers includes recognition as an expert user of the SEQTA Suite, improved competency, and efficiency in teaching and school management. For schools, certification of staff ensures maximised utilisation of the SEQTA Suite which enables them to build capacity and future-proof retention of expertise.

How do the assessments work?

The assessment aims to test the breadth and depth of knowledge of the SEQTA Suite. Candidates must apply their knowledge based on an objective understanding of the system – not necessarily from their own school’s perspective. The assessments will test content explicitly outlined in the training modules (and training materials), as well as the ability to problem solve and analyse unforeseen issues by utilising the tools of the software.

How hard are the assessments?

The assessments aim to identify and reward users of the SEQTA Suite who attain, and can effectively communicate, a very high level of knowledge. A rote understanding of the training materials will not necessarily be sufficient to pass. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the functionality covered in the relevant training module, as well as the ability to apply knowledge of the underlying software tools to new and unforeseen circumstances. Certification aims to promote consistency in communication regarding the SEQTA Suite.

Tips for success

Explanations of terms should ideally follow the explanations given in the training materials. Consistency of definitions is critical for transfer of knowledge of the SEQTA Suite. The functionality should be considered objectively, without prejudice for a single school’s utilisation of the system. Don’t just consider how your own school uses the system, rather consider the breadth of the functionality and what would be the most efficient methodology to use.

What happens if I don’t pass?

Not everyone who sits an assessment will pass. If you do not pass the assessment, you could re-sit the assessment at a discounted price within 3 months.

What is the cost of the assessment?

$150 excl. GST.

If I do not pass do I get a refund?


If I fail, can I re-sit immediately?

Yes. You can re-sit an assessment within 3 months of the initial assessment date for a cost of $85 excl. GST.

Why do I have to pay to re-sit an assessment?

SPS must cover the cost of the assessor.

How much time do I have?

2 hours (120 minutes)

How many attempts do I get?

One attempt, however, if you do not achieve certification you can re-sit an assessment at a reduced fee.

Can I start, pause and go back later?

No, it is a timed assessment, and penalties may apply if you exceed 120 minutes.

What format does the assessment take?

Assessments are completed online and are accessed via a personal log in which is provided to candidates by SPS. Assessments are open-book, with a 2-hour time limit. Assessments comprise both multiple choice and short answer questions.

Are there sample assessments online or available anywhere?

No, there are currently no sample assessments available.

How many questions are there in an assessment?

It varies depending on the course module, however the average is between 30–40 questions per assessment.

Will the assessment be the same if I re-sit it?

Questions rotate from a bank of questions; therefore, some questions may repeat while others will change.

Will the assessment cover material that is not covered in the training?

The assessment aims to test your knowledge of the content covered in the associated training module, as well as your ability to apply the knowledge of the software tools to new and unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the delay between training and assessment, it is possible that recently-released functions may be covered in the assessment that weren’t yet available during training.

Will the assessment expect me to know things that weren’t covered in training?

Not generally. New functionality is incorporated into the assessments every 4 months, so it is recommended that you keep abreast of releases by checking the SIP news regularly. If you have a question about recently-released functionality that wasn’t covered in your training, contact the SEQTA Service desk or Knowledge Base.

How should I prepare for an assessment?

The recommended preparation is to have attended the relevant introductory and advanced training courses, and familiarised yourself with the training materials. You should know the content of the training manuals well, and have a very good understanding of the concepts covered.

How will I know if new features and functionality will be included in the assessment?

The assessments are based on content covered in the training courses. The training courses are kept up to date with software changes as they are finalised, even if they haven’t yet been rolled out to your school. Assessments could include new functionality that has not been released to all schools. Assessments are updated every 4 months and it is recommended that you complete your assessment within 2-3 months of completing the training. It is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date with changes to functionality by checking the SIP news regularly for release information.

Who marks my assessment?

An assessor with exceptional knowledge of the SEQTA Suite. It is our policy, though, that the person who trained you will not mark your assessment.

Am I penalised for answering incorrectly?

No, you do not lose marks for incorrect answers. (No negative marking)

How and when will I get my assessment results?

Depending on the number of assessments in the marking queue the process can take up to 3 weeks. Test candidates will be notified by email when an assessment has been marked.

How are scores calculated?

Each question has a maximum achievable score. More difficult or complex questions are worth more. Your overall score in then divided by the maximum possible score to determine your percentage.

What percentage is considered a pass?

To achieve certification, you must receive at least 85%. This demonstrates that you have a depth of knowledge and understanding of that component of the SEQTA suite. Certification is not easy to achieve.

If I go overtime, will I be penalised?

Yes. A penalty of -3% will be applied if you exceed the allocated time by 30 minutes or less. If you go more than 30 minutes over, an additional -2% is applied, and each subsequent 30-minute block entails a -3% deduction.

Can I find out whether I answered a specific question correctly, or whether this answer affected my pass/fail status?

Yes, once an assessment has been marked a test candidate will be able to review their results for each individual question. Please note, we may not provide feedback on why the maximum mark was not achieved, so as not to compromise the integrity of a re-sit.

What is the assessment re-sit policy?

If you do not achieve 85% you can re-sit the assessment as many times as you want. There is a cost associated with each re-sit.

Can I request a re-evaluation of my score?

Yes. Email certification@spseducation.com.au if you would like us to re-evaluate your score. There may be a cost associated if your score does not change after re-evaluation.

How can I challenge an assessment question?

Email certification@spseducation.com.au

What if I don’t agree with the evaluator’s decision?

You can lodge a formal complaint with the Managing Director of SPS.

How soon can I start the assessment after registering?

When you register for an assessment, SPS will send an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, we will issue you with a username and password to log into the assessment system. The same login details can be used for any subsequent assessments.

Is there an assessment chat group?

The SEQTA Community forum is for SEQTA staff and SPS staff to participate and share knowledge. No actual assessment
information (questions or answers) should be posted to the forums. Sanctions may apply to users who contravene this.

Is there a certification logo I can use if successful?

Not at this stage. You are provided with a unique certificate and interested parties can contact us to confirm your certification status.

How can I provide feedback about training materials or training for the assessment?

The opportunity for feedback is given with the online link/feedback form provided in the existing user manuals. Please email admin@spseducation.com for any specific questions and concerns regarding training.

How can I submit feedback about an assessment question or assessment experience?

Email certification@spseducation.com.au

Why is certification being implemented?

The SEQTA Suite is now being used in hundreds of schools across Australia and internationally, and there are many users who claim to be experts on SEQTA. Certification provides a method of formally identifying these experts, ensuring expert status is accurately claimed and utilised to benefit schools. Master Certified users could potentially be called on by SPS to provide training on a consulting basis.

How often will I need to re-certify?

Certification for individual modules does not expire. Master Certification requires re-assessment every two years. Failure to re-assess for Master Certification will result in Master Certified status being revoked.

Is there a register of certified users?

We maintain a register of certification for every person who has achieved certification in each module or pathway. Master Certified users are also listed below on our website.

What happens to my certification when a newer version of the product is released?

Certification in individual modules or pathways do not require re-certification. Master Certification is re-assessed every two years to ensure to ensure that individuals remain up-to-date with the new functionality. It is highly recommended that users keep themselves up to date on the software functionality by checking the SIP news regularly.

How do I register for certification?

Email certification@spseducation.com.au

How soon can I start the assessment after registering?

When you register for an assessment, SPS will send an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, we will issue you with a username and password to log into the assessment system. The same login details can be used for any subsequent assessments.

How do I log in to the assessments?

When you receive your username and password you can log in and begin your assessment. Click the Assessment login button at the top of the page, then enter your username and password. Click the Sign in button. Once you have logged in successfully, click on the rectangle featuring your assessment, review the information on the opening page, then commence with the assessment.

The following individuals have achieved SEQTA Master Certification


  • Michelle Mathews – SPS, Senior Trainer
  • Jamie Emswiler – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Johann Schoeman – Kingsway Christian College, Deputy Principal (Students)
  • Peter Hazebroek – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Martin Menahem- SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Garry Bell – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Lorinda Bruce – formerly of Adventist Schools Victoria
  • Geoff Jagoe – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Jenny Tehvand – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Indra Lawton – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Glen Pelz – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Linda Rich – formerly of Aquinas College – Administration Assistant Information Services
  • Barney Jones – SEQTA Software, School Relationship Manager
  • Jeremy Hetebry – SPS, Educational Reporting & Analytics Specialist